Male Enhancement Pills May Not Be Safe if You Have a Heart Condition

I’m sure you have seen the many TV commercials for supplements claiming to make a man’s penis larger. A magic pill that increases length, girth, sensation and so on. Well, the fact is, penis enlargement pills don’t actually make the penis grow. They can however bring a man’s penis to it’s full potential in both length and girth; and they can also increase sensitivity and arousal…that’s if you get one of the brands of pills that actually work.

So how do these pills work? Well most of these pills use an herb, or combination of herbs to increase circulation and stimulate blood flow to the penis. They can work REALLY well…and yes, they can make a man’s penis harder, bring it to it’s full potential in length and girth, and enhance sensation. Sounds great huh? Well it can be for some people, but, if you have a heart condition such as an arrhythmia (and other heart conditions), these pills can be scary and downright dangerous for you!

One popular herb that is used in penis enlargement supplements (also used in bodybuilding supplements) is Yohimbe or Yohimbine. This herb is sold by itself and is also used in combination with other herbs in many penis enlargement supplements. Side effects of Yohimbe include high blood pressure, anxiety attacks, runny nose, increased heart rate, sweating, skin flushing, dizziness and more. So, even if you do NOT have a heart problem, taking Yohimbe can increase your heart rate.

So when I took Yohimbe with the heart arrhythmia that I have, things got REALLY scary! First my heart started palpitating and fluttering or beating out of rhythm. I could feel a nervous sensation radiating from the center of my chest. Next I was feeling lightheaded and dizzy. So naturally I started to panic! However, there was NOTHING I could do but wait it out. I had to just sit down and control my breathing. It was VERY frightening to say the least.

So don’t underestimate the power of Yohimbe just because it is an herb that you can buy over the counter. Always consult with your physician before taking ANY new supplement, especially if you have a heart condition.